Meet the Team

The Show

    Reel Shot TV is more than just an outdoors show.  This show is a journey into the lives of Brandon and Jodie Carter, as hunters and as a married couple. Each week you will join this couple as they travel the country pursuing their addiction.  Their competitive nature and the endless banter will entertain you while their southern hospitality will welcome you.  But don’t let the entertainment aspect of this show fool you, these two are hardcore killers.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 100+ degrees in August or -20 degrees in January, if there is a season open they are going to be there.  This show features a wide variety of action making it relevant to any outdoorsmen.  From start to finish, the viewers will be engaged in a non-stop thrilling format.  While Brandon and Jodie will hunt anything, giant Whitetails are their passion.  Be it archery or gun season, mature bucks are never safe when this duo is in town.  However, don’t think of Brandon and Jodie as prima dona TV stars.  They start hunting sheds in March, planting food plots in April, glassing fields in the summer, and hanging stands throughout the year while the cameras capture it all.  There’s no doubt that this pair isn’t shy about getting their hands dirty and breaking a sweat.  Jodie proves that girls CAN get it done and Brandon isn’t afraid to bring her along.  This is definitely one couple that finds true happiness in a heavy blood trail!